Monday, September 28, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009


Welcome to the 2009-2010 School year at NMS. We are really excited to welcome back past volunteers and to embrace those new to our school. It was nice to see so many familiar faces and to meet new ones, at Meet the Teacher Night.
Thank you to all who have filled out Volunteer forms for our Friends of NMS group. We now have over 164 names on our list. If for some reason you did not receive a form, let us know and we will get one to you. Simply fill it out and return it to the office.
Some events already scheduled include the French Book Fair (September 29,30 and October 1) and the English Book Fair (October 20,21....). (You do not have to be able to speak French to help out with these). Profits from the Book Fairs are used to supply books for our English and French Classrooms as well as Methods and Resources. If you have any questions or have the time to help out, feel free to contact us, and .
Volunteers are needed to help the Resource Department with Lunch Hour Activities in the Methods and Resources Room. This room offers a safe zone for children as they adjust to their new school year. This would be a great opportunity to provide fun activities in a small group setting. Contact Cecilia Birney by phone 453-4243 or email

Also, if anyone is interested in helping out with Math or Language Arts, please contact Cecilia Birney.

All volunteers are asked to familiarize themselves with Policy 701 and complete the validation questionnaire. This can be accessed at .

As well, any volunteer working directly with children will need a criminal record check.

Here's to a great year at NMS with FRIENDS,
Mary Leo Dick, Janice MacFarlane and Mary Rowe
Friends of NMS Co Chairs