Monday, December 8, 2008

Friends Update

Christmas Dance Bake Sale
To make the upcoming Christmas Dance (Thursday Dec. 11, 2008) a bit more festive for the kids, we thought it would be nice to sell some Christmas baking. If anyone is interested in donating baked goods, or volunteering their time, please let us know. (If you had indicated on your volunteer form that you would like to help with the bake sale, we will be in contact). It would be appreciated if all baked goods could be brought in by Thursday morning (11th) so that we can organize them and wrap them with festive ribbon. As an allergy precaution, we ask that no nut products be used, and that a recipe card/ list of ingredients be included. Hopefully this will add a little Christmas Magic to the children's night. (Proceeds from the sale will be used towards the school's Anti-Bullying campaign).

The school is looking for individuals interested in helping/tutoring some students, particularly in Math. (Please Note: A criminal record check is required when working directly with students). For More information please contact the office.

Firefighter's Challenge
"Burning Down the House 2008" was held on November 25,2008. We would like to thank the 11 volunteers who gave their time to help with the set up and/or running of the obstacle course during the day long event. Thank you as well to Mike Smith and the teachers on the Challenge committee (Alex Yaychuk, Lisa Cormier, Natalie Green, Michelle Skead, Corinne Gallagher and Sarah Jenkins) for the outstanding job they did organizing this event. We cannot forget to mention Marie Lafford with Tim Horton's Human Resource Department for organizing the donation of coffee and muffins from their Main Street Store. Finally, Thank you to Jim McLeod and the Firefighters for making this day so special for our NMS community.

Parent-Teacher Interview Munchie Table
During the November 19th and 20th Parent Teacher Interviews, we were fortunate to have 18 volunteers send in food items for our "Munchie" Table. Thank you for helping to make the Feast such a positive experience for our teachers. They truly appreciated your kindness and hard work, and asked us to pass along their "Thank You" as well.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Nominations & Elections

As the New Year fast approaches, we would like all of our volunteers to be aware of some upcoming dates:

1. Nominations for the positions of the 3 Co-Chairs will be accepted from December 1, 2008 until 3pm December 12, 2008. Nominations forms will be made available just prior to these dates and will be posted on the Blog.

2. Elections will take place on January 7, 2009 and January 8, 2009.

3. The Friends of NMS Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday January 13, 2009.

More information will be made available prior to these dates.

Mary Rowe, Vicky Patterson and Mary Leo Dick
Co- Chairs of Friends of NMS

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Update on Events

The beginning of the 2008-2009 School year was a busy one for volunteers at NMS

Corn Boil

As part of the Healthy Eating Initiatives at NMS, the Friends of NMS assisted with the School's 2nd annual Corn Boil on Thursday October 2, 2008.

The grade 7 team of Mr. Fournier, Mme. Jenkins and Mme. Sprague ventured to Harvey's Big Potato in Maugerville with their students on Wednesday morning to pick over 1000 cobs of corn. We would like to extend a Big Thank You to Mr. Harvey for his kindness and generosity in supplying NMS the plentiful amount of corn.

On Thursday morning starting at 8:45 am, our energetic grade 6 and 8 students together with our parent volunteers, husked all of the cobs of corn. The corn was then moved to the Home Ec room where it was split and boiled. There was corn "everywhere".... After lunch, the Spirit Committee was instrumental in transporting the cooked corn from the home ec room to the cafeteria where it was served to the masses (800+ kids).

Thank you to our volunteers, staff and students for the hard work and determination they exhibited to get all of our students fed before the 2:50pm bell, and their help with the subsequent clean up. (It was also so nice to have father/grandfather representation in addition to our mothers). Special thanks to Mr. DeCoste, Mrs. Price and Mrs. Hepditch for their assistance throughout the day.

All leftover uncooked corn was donated to the Food Bank.

Everyone came together to make this a Fun and Special Event, proving once again... we are the big school with the bigger heart...

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Mary Rowe, Mary Leo Dick and Vicky Patterson
Co-Chairs of Friends of NMS

Friends of NMS Meeting

Thank you to those friendly faces that came out to our information meeting Tuesday September 30, 2008. Your interest and your support were greatly appreciated.

Magazine Campaign
We had 3 volunteers come in to help sort and stuff envelopes on Monday September 29, 2008 in order to get them out in time for the Magazine Campaign kick off. Thank you to those who came in.

Measuring for Show Choir
Thank you to the volunteers who gave their time to come in and help Mrs. Ross and Mrs. Hepditch take measurements for the show choir costumes. Your help was greatly appreciated.

Scholastic French Book Fair
Our 2nd Annual Scholastic French Book Fair was held September 22-25, 2008. We had 16 volunteers who came out to help and have a good time. The total profits for the sale were over $4300. Over $2380 was taken in French Books, chosen by individual teachers. The remaining $1977 was set aside to be combined with English Book fair profits which will enable each teacher (including M&R) to purchase ~$140 worth of books for their classrooms.
The Book Fair received coverage in the Northside News, justfred website, local Radio stations and the Gleaner. What positive promotion for our school!

September Need of the Month- NMS Breakfast Program
Our Need of the Month for September was the NMS Breakfast Program. We informed parents of our September Need at meet the teacher night and on the blog. We had a good response with families sending in cereals, jams, cheese whiz etc. The school received monetary donations as well. Thank you to those who helped support this valuable program.

Grade 6 BBQ
The Friends of NMS assisted with the pick up and preparation of the food for the Grade 6 Welcome BBQ held on Friday September 5, 2008. The students enjoyed the hotdogs and juice. Special Thanks Theresa Jeffries at the Southside Superstore for her assistance in obtaining the donation of buns and gift card to help offset some of the costs of the BBQ.

Monday, September 29, 2008

News for your Friends of NMS

Reminder: The Friends of NMS will be holding their first Meeting on Tuesday September 30, 2008 at 7pm. Hope to see you there.

Corn Boil

As our first Healthy Eating Initiative of the school year, we will be helping with a Corn Boil on Thursday October 2, 2008. We will be husking cobs of corn, helping to boil them and then prepare them to be served to all of our NMS students. For those of you who would like to help out with this activity, please contact the Friends of NMS.

Thank you in advance,

Mary Rowe, Vicky Patterson and Mary Leo Dick
Co-chairs of Friends of NMS

October Need of the Month: Fredericton Food Bank

This month, we have decided to partner with our NMS Spirit Committee for our Need of the Month. Our students would like to collect enough non perishable food items during the month of October to fill one of the offices on the main floor (near the guidance office).
If you are able to help us out, please send or drop off your donations of food items to the NMS office.

Thank you in advance,

Mary Rowe, Vicky Patterson and Mary Leo Dick
Co-chairs of the Friends of NMS

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Meeting Agenda - September 30, 2008

1. Introduction
2. Policy 701, District Confidentiality Form, Criminal Record Check
3. Communication
4. Activities year (summer) to date
5. Planned Activities (Fall)
6. Fall Fair/Bake Sale
7. New Business

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer with the Friends of NMS, please contact Mary or Vicky.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Thank You

Thanks to all of you who helped, here is a list of all the great things the Friends of NMS were able to accomplish last year!

Nms Thanks Friends
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