Monday, November 23, 2009

Minutes - Nov. 19,2009

Friends of NMS General Meeting

In Attendance: Mr. Alan Atkins, Mary Leo Dick, Janice MacFarlane, Mary Rowe, Jennifer Sheppard, Kari Hirst

Meeting called to order by Mary Rowe as Chair at 6:43PM

Welcome by Mary. Jennifer moved to approve agenda. Motion seconded by Mary Leo.
Minutes of June General Meeting distributed. Mary moved to approve, seconded by Janice.

Principal’s Remarks: Mr. Atkins expressed his appreciation of help from the Friends. Without all of their hard work, many of the activities which the children enjoy would not be possible.

Completed Tasks Since Sept. 2009: Mary distributed a list of the activities with which the Friends were involved this fall. Mary Leo reviewed with those present; Volunteer forms have been distributed to parents. We now have about 184 registered volunteers. Forms are still coming in. The distribution list is up and running. Parents were addressed at Meet the Teacher night and encouraged to participate. Volunteers are reminded to familiarize themselves with Policy 701and submit completed questionnaire. A Criminal Record Check is mandatory for anyone working closely with children (ie.tutoring, coaching, supervision etc.) as well as anyone wishing to let their name stand for CoChair. The school has offered the use of a bulletin board in the lobby for the group to use as a means of communicating activities; Volunteers were notified that Mrs. Birney would like help with noon hour supervision in the Methods and Resource room; The Grade 6 BBQ was a big hit again this year with 3 BBQs going and numerous volunteers; Thirty volunteers turned out to put on the French Book Fair which ran Sept. 29, 30 and Oct. 1, 2009. Twenty three volunteers ensured the success of the English Book Fair which ran Oct. 20,21 and 22, 2009. Both Fairs generated large profits in excess of last year’s sales which translate into high volume of books for the classrooms; The Corn Boil had Mrs. Walsh-McKillop’s team picking corn at Harvey’s Big Potato. Mr. Atkins stood watch for bears. Eleven parents and grandparents prepared, cooked and served corn on the cob to the entire student body Oct. 2nd. Harvey’s donated the corn and the extra was given to the food bank; The Halloween Dance on the 29th was a blast with 15 parent chaperones, many of whom came out to decorate that afternoon; The office and bulletin board were decorated for Fall and Halloween. The bulletin board carried postings for Remembrance Day as well; The Pumpkin Patch was decorated again this year. Several pumpkins were submitted, all of which received a prize; A Pick Me Up table was provided for the teachers again this year. The lounge was nicely set up with 18 people providing food donations. A special Thank you goes out to the Custodians who cleaned up after the ravenous hoards of teachers; The Firefighter Challenge ran Nov.19th. The children have a great time. We had many volunteers for the day and also for the decorating conducted the evening before. We had very many complaints that the volume from the sound system was much too loud. That has made some people reluctant to come out for this event. The volume should be more comfortable to make the event more enjoyable and avoid the risk of hearing damage to those present. A big thank you to Tim Horton’s for the donation of the urn of coffee. The school provided 6 dozen muffins. Everyone had happy tummies; Thank you to the Fredericton Firefighters for putting on this spectacular event. Guaranteed Fun every time!!!

Upcoming Tasks: The H1N1 immunization clinic originally scheduled for Nov. 4th will now be conducted Nov. 25th. We have several volunteers to help the large contingent of nurses slated. The entire student body will receive vaccine that one day. Hopefully everything will go to plan; A Healthy Eating Initiative is planned for Nov. 26th. Menu TBA. Several volunteers have committed their time to feed the entire student body in one day; A Christmas Dance is scheduled for Dec.17th. All volunteers welcome. The kiddies will be so excited; Nominations for the three CoChair positions will be accepted Dec. 7 to 11. With 184 volunteers, surely there are at least three people willing to step forward and let their name stand for the executive. Anyone with the slightest inclination is encouraged submit their nomination with a Criminal Record Check. The group needs energetic individuals to keep the large number of volunteers informed and involved. Elections take place Jan. 13, 2010. New executive will be installed at the Annual General Meeting the following day.

New Business: None added

Next Meeting: Annual General Meeting January 14, 2010 at 7PM

Adjournment: Janice moved to adjourn. Mary Leo seconded. Mary adjourned meeting at 7:08PM

Friends Update

Hi Everyone,

Thank you to the 18 volunteers who helped out with the decorating, set up and day long Firefighter's challenge. Everyone had a great time and most importantly the kids had fun. Thank you to Tim Hortons for the Donation of the urn of coffee.

We are looking for volunteers to help during the H1N1 vaccination clinic on Wednesday November 25. We will need help transporting and directing students. We also need volunteers to help with the delivery of the luncheon that will be provided to the nurses.

Our second healthy eating initiative will be held on Thursday, November 26. We will be preparing a healthy dish (TBA) and Serving it up to the 760+ students and staff. This is always a lot of fun and we encourage you to come out and help. Contact any of the co-chairs (Mary/Janice/ Mary Leo) if you are interested. We will meet around 8:15 am in the home-ec room. :)

Mary, Janice and Mary Leo

Friday, November 20, 2009


General Meeting June 11, 2009

In Attendance: Mr. Alan Atkins, Mary Leo Dick, Mary Rowe, Janice MacFarlane, Lynn McMinniman, Jennifer Shepherd, Kaajal Amhwani

Meeting called to order 7PM by Mary Rowe as Chair.

Welcome by Mary Rowe. Janice MacFarlane moved to accept Agenda, seconded by Mary Leo. Minutes of May General Meeting distributed. Mary Leo moved to accept, seconded by Janice.

Principal's Remarks: Mr. Atkins thanked the Friends of NMS and their executive for another great year. He is very pleased with the growth and progress of the group and remarked that it is even better this second year than last and is looking forward to next year and beyond. He commented that continuity of Friends of NMS and our philosophy is very important as the group contributes a vital function within the school.

Year in Review: The Friends of NMS Annual Report- 2008-2009 School Year was presented and will be made available on the Blog. Mary Rowe read through the highlights and the full report was distributed to those present.

Looking Ahead to Next Year: The Friends are already rolling ahead with activities for next year. We have set the dates for the French and English Book Fairs and will continue to help with the activities in which we were involved last year. We are very pleased to have new membership from the Grade 6 parents whose children will be joining the school in September. We discussed ideas for possible new initiatives and Mr. Atkins proposed a second information evening for new parents in the school sometime in October. This would give the parents a chance to get into the daily routine and provide an opportunity for the parents to address any orientation questions they may have. We want the families to feel welcome and comfortable by reinforcing the many modes of access to information and communication with the school. Thank you to all who attended. You have great ideas for making the school environment a better place to nurture and encourage our children. We are very excited about our participation next year and we look forward to working with all of our new and continuing members in the upcoming school year.

Adjournment: Mary Leo moved to adjourn, seconded by Janice. Mary Rowe adjourned the meeting at 7:50PM

Friday, November 13, 2009

Frieinds Update

Hi Everyone,

We hope parent teacher interviews went well for all of you.

Thank you to everyone who was able to contribute to the Teacher's Munchie Table that we set up in the staff room for the teachers. As always, the teachers are very appreciative of your efforts.

Just a reminder that the Firefighter's Challenge is coming up next week. We would invite anyone who wants to help decorate to meet after school on the 18th. We will also need help setting up the equipment that evening.
The challenge itself takes place on the 19th and Mr. Yaychuk would appreciate it if volunteers can make it to the school by 8 am if able. This is a FUN event for the kids and volunteers alike. We will be calling those who indicated on their forms they would like to help out. Feel free to drop us an email if you want to come out and join the fun!

Junior Achievement is looking for parent volunteers who would like to help out with their Business Basics Program- Our Business World being taught to the Grade 7 classes at NMS on Tuesday, Dec. 1st from 9-11 am. They will provide a training session on Wednesday, Nov.25th from 12-1 pm (location TBA) for interested volunteers. If interested, please contact Connie Woodside (President &CEO JA NB) @ 455-6552 or .

Finally, we have scheduled a General Meeting for next Thursday....
Friends of NMS General Meeting Thursday November 19, 2009 @ 6:30 pm


1. Approval of Agenda
2. Approval of Minutes
3. Principal's Remarks
4. Completed Tasks since Sept. '09
5. Upcoming Tasks
6. Adjournment

Take care and hope the kids enjoy their long weekend,
Mary, Janice and Mary Leo
Co Chairs Friends of NMS