Friday, January 30, 2009

New Initiatives for our Friends

Hello Everyone,

As one of the first initiatives of the New Year utilizing the Fruit and Vegetable Grant, we will be serving up a fruit dish on Monday February 2, 2009. We would love to have anyone available in the daytime to come out and help us feed the close to 800 students at NMS. If you are available, please let one of us know and we will meet at 8:30 Monday morning by the office.

On Thursday February the 5th the school will be holding a Valentine's Dance. To give the kids a bit of variety and make this more festive, the school thought it would be fun to hold a Bake Sale. We would appreciate any (nut-free) donations from parents. Money raised will go toward the school's antibullying program.

Finally, the week of Feb.9-13,2009 is Teacher Appreciation Week. Last year we did up a lunch for the teachers which they greatly appreciated. We would like to do something similar this year on Tuesday, February the 10th. If any of you could help us accomplish this by sending in chili, soup, stew, salad, fruit trays, samosas , Muffins, yogurt etc, we would be very grateful. If you are interested and able, just let any of the Friends' Co- Chairs know.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer with these events,
Mary Rowe
Vicky Patterson
Mary Leo Dick
Co-Chairs of The Friends of NMS

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

September 30, 2008 - Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Friends of NMS General Information Session Sept 30, 2008

Attendees. Mary Rowe, Mary Leo Dick, Vicky Patterson, Alan Atkins, Brent Springer, Sean Davis, Kim Hepditch, Andrew Rowe, Barb Brittany, Susan & John MacKenzie, Susan Knorr, Mitch Claybourn, Laura Allen, and Theresa Pyke.

7:05 Chair thanked everyone for coming. Agendas were distributed. Mary asked if anyone had new business items they wanted added to Agenda. Mitch asked that Elections be added.

Mary Rowe gave a brief history of the Friends of NMS, the task based model chosen, and introduced the Co Chairs, and the school administration in the room. She spoke of compliance to Policy 701 (Protection of Pupils) Policy 18-258 (Confidentiality) and situations where a Criminal record check would be required for volunteers.

Vicky spoke about our communication policy for volunteers and parents. Volunteers forms were sent home and returned with completed volunteers areas of interest, and contact information. We prefer and use email to contact volunteers (100+ last year) as it is the most efficient way of communication, but we do make phone calls to volunteers who do not have email addresses. We post most of our items on the blog. It is the most effective method for us to reach the largest proportion of parents (voicemails only reaches Aliant parents). All voice mails receive prior approval from Mr. Atkins before sending, and we try to piggy back our voice mails along with other items that Mr. Springer is already doing. We make an effort not to over use voice mail as we know they can easily become an annoyance if too long or too frequent.

There is a new Friends of NMS link on the blog (Jeff Whipple was thanked for setting that up. Mr. Springer and Kim Hepditch were thanked for their ongoing update of the site as Jeff Whipple is now divided between the schools.).

Year to date Activities

Vicky spoke about the January-August process of drafting our constitution. Contributors were myself, Mary Rowe, Carol Reimer, Alan Atkins & Dr. Saint. Mitch Claybourn was also involved in the final drafting. Friends of NMS don’t have a treasurer or secretary as we don't hold or control any funds, and the co chairs share secretarial duties on a rotational basis. Spoke briefly about some items in our Guidelines Brochure. Both of these documents are currently posted on Friends of NMS blog.

Mary Leo addressed the updated , reformatted volunteer forms and announced we have 84 volunteers signed up so far this year . The more detail parents supply the better, as we don't want to call and email if people have no interest in helping with certain tasks.

Mary spoke about Septembers’ need of the month – lots of items donated for the breakfast program as well as monetary donations.

Mary Leo talked about our booth at meet the teacher night and gave kudos to Mary for her 3 talks she did in front of the Grade 6, 7 & 8 parents.

Vicky gave a brief summary of the French bookfair. Had 18 volunteers, sold close to $8000 which resulting in profits of over $4000 (which are all taking in books). French teachers have already chosen and received their books. English teachers will each chose their books at the English book fair. This was ~$2480 for the French teachers (~$140/classroom) Remainder of profit will be added to English Book fair for English teachers.

Fall Activities
Mary talked about October Need of the Month. We are partnering with the spirit committee to help them reach their goal of filling a small office with non perishable food items which will then be donated to the Fredericton food bank. People can send in or drop off items to the office.

Vicky again spoke of the English book fair. It will be held Oct 21-24. Hourly schedule to be announced later, and we will coordinate evening times with the Grade 8 Ottawa Excursion meeting. (We want volunteers to have good value for their time). Books are at gr 4-11 Reading levels.

Mary talked about the years’ first upcoming healthy eating initiative; a corn boil ( Last year they picked 1200 cobs of corn). Remainder was donated to the Community Kitchen and a $200 cheque was donated the Food Bank. Volunteers will be at the school this Thursday to husk, cook and serve. Anyone interested in helping can contact one of us.

Mary Leo spoke about the Magazine Campaign Kick off - a few volunteers sorted and stuffed envelopes to help the office get them all out in time. Mr. Davis will ask for me help later on if the office needs it.

She also talked about a Pumpkin Carving Contest- Something new this year that will be fun for the kids, Kids will carve pumpkins and bring them to the school, students will vote using pennies, pumpkins will be displayed . Prizes will be free tickers to a school dance. We are planning this to be a fun event for the kids rather than a fundraiser, but all money (we don't know what the response may be... we may raise get $2 to $10) raised will go toward Christmas families.

Firefighters challenge coming up again. We had lots of men help with this one last year. They need setting up help on the night before and supervision help on the day of. Details TBA ASAP. Once we receive a date, we will be contacting volunteers.

Mary Leo asked for suggestions for Nov. & Dec. needs of the month. (Last year we did the SPCA , warm coats for kids). ? Christmas need for gently used toys. We welcome new ideas.

Talked about doing a Staff Appreciation Pick Me Up table again, which will be set up during parent teacher interview times for the staff to snack on. This was a great way to boost moral and show our appreciation for the teachers. It also allows the opportunity for people who can't come during the school hours to still be involved.

Dance Supervision- school will be looking for dance volunteers to work this years 4 dances. Volunteers will be solicited shortly after dance dates are announced.

Fall Fair Bake Sale; A new task this year in which we may be teaming up with the spirit committee again, and will be seeking our all interested bakers. Note- anyone that does send in baking is requested to list all ingredients used in their recipe (for the safety of persons with allergies /sensitivities ). We can attach recipes on it, it would be a great way to share recipes.

New Business- Elections
Mr. Atkins read from the election section of our constitution. Nomination forms will be sent home to parents, emailed to our volunteers and be posted on the school blog in December. The election will be in January. We will request the school to send details via sent via voice mail as well. Mr. Atkins stated that the election is being held in January, vs. June or September, to encourage Grade 6 parents to put their names forward after having a chance to become familiar with the school. We stated that we would welcome new people and help transition the new executive.

Next Meeting Date- TBA. Motion to Adjourn. 7:44

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

November 13, 2008 - Meeting Minutes

Friends of NMS
November 13, 2008
Members present: Mary Leo Dick, Vicky Patterson, Mary Rowe
Minutes from previous meeting approved.
1. Year to date: It was a busy fall. A list is on the Blog. We received many positive comments from volunteers as well as the DEC Rep. Carol Coleman.
2. First General Meeting: Our first General meeting was held on September 30,2008. The format we used was well received. Will check with principal re: next meeting date.
3. PSSC Meetings: Vicky is our PSSC liaison. Persons in attendance were impressed with Vicky's presentation of our "Thanks" and papers provided.
4. Teacher's Munchie Table : This was originally planned for Nov.20,2008 but shifted to the 19th . We will set up after lunch. Parents can drop off items during the day. 18 parents have volunteered to help with this. We will send out a reminder to volunteers on the Monday before.
5. Firefighter's Challenge : Mary initially contacted everyone by phone who expressed an interest on their volunteer forms to participate in this event. Notice was later voice mailed, Blogged and emailed out. No extra volunteers were obtained via the extra notice. 9 people committed for Monday set up and 10 people were scheduled for the event day Tuesday.
6. Bake Sale : Due to the volume of activities Friends was involved in this fall, the possibility of combining a bake sale with the Christmas dance was considered. It would make the dance more festive for the students, and reach other volunteers. We will check with Alan re: feasibility.
7. Nominations/ Forms/ Election/ Annual General Meeting: The notice for submitting proposals for changes to the constitution was posted on the blog on November 7,2008. No amendment requests have been received as of today (Nov.13). Deadlines for submissions is Friday Nov. 14,2008 at 7pm.
Nomination forms will be posted on or about Dec 1. Nominations will close Dec.12,2008. Elections, if needed, will be held on January 7 & 8, 2009. We will meet with the principal to discuss times for voting .
8. New Business: It was suggested that we voice mail every event. Of interest, when the Firefighter's Challenge was voice mailed, no new people came forward. At this point in the year, attempts have been made to contact all listed volunteers either through email or phone calls. Messages were left if they were unavailable. We will continue to try to provide appropriate communication to parents

August 27, 2008 Meeting

Friends of NMS
August 27, 2008

In attendance: Mary Rowe, Vicky Patterson, Mary Leo Dick, Carol Reimer

1. Welcome Mary Leo- Mary Leo was welcomed. She was appointed to fill Carol's position until the January elections.

2. Thank Carol for wonderful contributions over our inaugural year- Carol was thanked for all her hard work and dedication in helping with the launch of Friends of NMS

3. Volunteer forms- Mary presented the updated volunteer form with new wording and updated activities. Vicky suggested changing 'Office support' to 'School support' and use of check boxes. Preferred delivery to parents would be the 1st week of school or Monday of the 2nd week. To check timing with Administration.

4. Constitution- After a summer of many meetings, the constitution has been finalized and completed by Vicky Patterson, Mary Rowe, Carol Reimer with Mr. Atkins, Mitch Claybourn and Dr. Glenda Saint.

5. Blog- Vicky has been working on the Template and items for the blog. To check status of Friends of NMS Blog Start up with Administration.

6. Contact info for Mary Leo-

7. Meet the Teacher Night- Would like to have a booth set up similar to last year. Agreed we could do an introductory speech to grade levels similar to last year. Mary volunteered to do the speeches. Will check with Mr. Atkins.

8. French Book Fair-

- Dates& Times : Monday September 23- Thurs. Sept. 25
Hours were shortened to make it easier on volunteers 1-7pm M,T,Th and Noon-7pm on Wed.

- Promotion: Similar to last year- newspapers, radio stations, district 18 and neighbouring districts, email colleagues etc.

9. New Business-
Constitution requires - PSSC Liaison- Vicky
-Chair for meetings- Mary


January 13 - Meeting Agenda

Happy New Year Everyone! We would like to take this time to welcome you back and invite you to our Annual General Meeting taking place on Tuesday January 13, 2009 at 7pm. We look forward to seeing you there.

Friends of NMS - AGENDA for January 13, 2009 meeting

Approval of Minutes
Approval of Agenda
Election Results
Activities from September 30 to Present-
Planned Activities for Spring
Looking Ahead to Next Year
New Business
Next Meeting

Friends Update

Christmas Families

Thank you to all the NMS families who sent in food donations for the Bake Sale held on Tuesday December16, 2008. The staff and students enjoyed the special treats offered at the Bake Sale table so much, we had sold out by the end of the lunch hour.
The combination of the monies from the Bake Sale and Hat Day totalled $384.00 and will be used to help support some less fortunate families in our school over the upcoming Christmas season.

Friends of NMS Nominations

Nominations for the positions of Co-chairs were held from December 1-December 12, 2008. Mary Leo Dick, Vicky Patterson and Mary Rowe have been acclaimed for another term.
We would like to thank the many volunteers who offered their positive comments to us during the nomination process. We hope that by working together we can continue to make a positive difference in our school community and have fun in the process.
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year......Mary, Vicky and Mary Leo (co-chairs Friends of NMS)